Established in 1974.Number of middle-size buses owned are the most in Amakusa.

We provide a taxi pickup service system for quickly and safely.



How to use



QCan we use mobile charger or electronic money?

AYes. We will accept cash, QR code payment and credit card.

QIs there a cancellation fee?

ANo. But please let us know as soon as possible especially when you cancel a charter bus.

QHow far in advance can I make a reservation?

AAnytime. Please call us.

QCan we reserve a taxi online?

AWe are terribly sorry, but please make a reservation by phone or FAX.

QAre there any English-speaking drivers?

AWe are terribly sorry, but there are no English-speaking drivers at our company. We have a point-and-speak note available for tourists to communicate with drivers.

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