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Girls’ Trip Course

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1L'isola Terrace Amakusa

2Plate cafe L'isola

3Shirogahama Beach

4Matsusitaen Chabo Karang Colon

5Banheira de Perla


L'isola Terrace Amakusa

You can enjoy a beautiful view from the spacious terrace and food such as lunch using local ingredients from Amakusa and “Salty bread” which is often covered in the media.


Plate cafe L'isola

This is a restaurant in L’isola Terras Amakusa and every seat of this restaurant have a panoramic view of the ocean. One-plate lunch using local ingredients from Amakusa is one of the most popular menus.

Business hours

weekday 11:00 - 21:00
holiday 10:30 - 21:00


Shirogahama Beach

This is a white sandy beach with a length of more than 500m and was listed as Japan’s 100 comfortable beach by Ministry of the Environment. This beach is well supplied with shower booths, bathrooms, changing rooms, coin lockers, drinking fountains and a promenade.

shower 100yen,locker 200yen,Rental:parasol 1,000yen,float 100yen〜


Matsusitaen Chabo Karang Colon

You can enjoy a cup of tea inside a lovely café in which you can feel the atmosphere of the Taisho period. Marine blue herb tea with a dolphin-shaped teabag is one of the most popular drinks. This tea specialty café will give you a great relaxing time during your trip.

Cake set 756yen〜


Banheira de Perla

A natural hot spring spa “Perla no Yubune” inside Hotel Alegria Gardens Amakusa. There are 2 kinds of hot spring, “Yamanoyu (Mountain hot spring)” surrounded with trees and spacious “Uminoyu (Ocean hot spring)”. You can also enjoy private bath, healing sauna, lymphatic massage and restaurants.

Umi-no-Yu,Mori-no-Yu adult 700yen,child 350yen/Private bath 2,100yen~

Business hours

Umi-no-Yu,Mori-no-Yu 5:00 - 8:00/Last reception 7:30
11:00 - 23:00/Last reception 22:30
Private bath 11:00 - 23:00/Last reception 22:30
Last entry 7:30