QThe taxi fare went up while waiting for the light to change green. Why?

AThe taxi fare goes up depending on the distance and the riding time. Please note that the taxi fare might go up even while waiting for the light to change green.

QIs the taxi fare of JapanTaxi higher than other taxi companies?

AOur taxi fare is about the same price as other taxi companies.

QCan we pay later?

AYes. You can use credit card and etc. when you get off.

QCan we use mobile charger or electronic money?

AYes. We will accept cash, QR code payment and credit card.

QIs there a cancellation fee?

ANo. But please let us know as soon as possible especially when you cancel a charter bus.

QHow far in advance can I make a reservation?

AAnytime. Please call us.

QIf we call now, can you pick us up soon?

AIt depends on the situation. Please be understanding of this beforehand.

QCan we reserve a taxi online?

AWe are terribly sorry, but please make a reservation by phone or FAX.

QI have an infant. Do we need to bring a child safety seat?

AWe will prepare one if you reserve early. But please bring one if you make a reservation on the day you use our taxi.

QAre there any English-speaking drivers?

AWe are terribly sorry, but there are no English-speaking drivers at our company. We have a point-and-speak note available for tourists to communicate with drivers.

QIs there a non-smoking car?

AAll vehicles are non-smoking cars. Electronic cigarettes are also prohibited.

QAre there taxis which can carry more than 5 people or jumbo taxies?

AJumbo taxies are available for groups of 9 people maximum. Small / Big buses are also available for group of more than 10 people. Please feel free to contact us.

QHow much baggage can you accept?

AJapanTaxi can normally accept about 2 suits cases.

QHow can we pay?

AWe accept cash, QR code payment, credit card, JCB tickets and etc.

QCan we ride with pets?

AYes, you can but please bring your pet cage.

QI am pregnant. Can I ride a taxi to the hospital when I am in labor?

AYes, we can take you to the hospital. But we might refuse customers in case of medical emergency.

QIs there are sightseeing taxi?

AYes, you can use the taxi for sightseeing. The sightseeing taxi driver from Amakusa will be serving you.

QI left something in the taxi. What should I do?

APlease contact us at 0969-72-2161(AM6:00~AM3:00)